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Lessons for various instruments given by Paul Keeler

Paul has been playing folk music for most of his 66 years on this planet and has a great knowledge of the instruments he plays. As a violinist he has both a classical and folk background, passing his grade VIII 40 years ago in Croydon where he was taught be Anthony Saltmarsh. Between 1989 and 2023 he played in many folk bands including Jack Orion, Mooncoin and more recently Flánn and Fendango. He has also led courses on Celtic folk music in Norwich and teaches in person in Norwich, and online, as well as leading the Norwich Folk Ensemble (see the folk ensemble Page)

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My approach is quite informal without any exams (unless requested). I want to inspire my pupils to really enjoy the music, as I do, and I'll focus on getting a great feel for the music as well as the techniques required to play. Learning by ear or with music (or both) is offered, so no musical knowledge is needed to start. Support in the form of video/audio tutorials is also offered, and of course online lessons are the thing at the moment.

Theory of music, especially how it applies to 'folk' music can also be looked at if requested. See also my listing on First Tutors and

Lessons £12 half an hour, £18 for 45 minutes or £24 per hour

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Bodhran lessons for the beginner and intermediate player. Get up and running with all the strokes you need to play. Online lessons offered too!

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Lessons £18 for 45 minutes

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Learn the Irish bouzouki. A more unusual instrument that makes a change from the guitar. It is a bit like a mandolin tuned down one octave, though I tune mine GDAD not GDAE like a mandolin to make it more chord friendly. Beginners and intermediate lessons given.

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Lessons £18 for 45 minutes

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Nic Zuppardi is a suppurb, Norwich based, mandolin (and tenor guitar) player.
If you would like lessons from him you can contact him here